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Dr. Simmons Places Dental Implants In Brazil

Dr. Simmons recently traveled to Carituba, Brazil to participate in a dental implant continuum.  The team was lead by Dr. Arun Garg, a world authority in dental implants and bone grafting. With his textbooks on Dental Implants, Bone Harvesting and Grafting, Growth Factors for Dental Implants, being translated into eight different languages, Dr. Garg literally "wrote the book" on contemporary implant dentistry.

Dr. Simmons,along with other members of the American Dental Implant Association, worked in conjunction with a team from the Latine American Institute of Research and Odontological Education. During the weeklong clinic, the doctors performed bone grafts, placed dental implants, and performed sinus lift procedures on numerous patients.

Many dental consumers want to know  "What exactly is a dental implant?" A dental implant is a tooth root replacement. After the dental implant is surgically placed where the old tooth root was, it will become one with your bone (this is called osseointegration) and a new crown can be attached to the implant. The new crown and implant will beel and look as good or better than your original tooth. When asked what is a dental implant, Dr Simmons often says "it is the best thing that has happened to dentistry."

Across the globe there is growing demand to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Patients are becoming more informed consumers thanks to the educational efforts of dental teams and the availability of information on the internet. Patients are raving fans of dental implants and are spreading stories about how natural they feel,look and function.  There is a bright future for dental implants.

Dr. Robert Simmons states: "I have been restoring dental implants for more than 15 years and was always amazed by the positive response patients have with dental implants. Now that I have started placing dental implants I am amazed at how quickly patients recover from the placement procedure and how much more control I have over the restorative phase of treatment."


Dr. Simmons Attends Implant Symposium In Las Vegas


On January 21-22, 2011, Dr. Simmons attended the annual American Dental Implant Association Symposium held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This meeting provided the opportunity  to learn from experts and visionaries in the fields of implant surgery,periodontics,dental technology and marketing. Courses included:


-“Vertical Ridge Augmentation”

-“Prosthetics for overdentures”

-“Analyzing and Managing Implant Surgical Complications”

-“The Emergency Implant-Immediate Extraction Replacement”

-“Model Based and CT guided implant surgery“

-“Understanding Bone Loss Associated  with Periimplantoclasia Related with
   Failing Dental Implants and its Treatment.”

-“The Role of Highly Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma in Tissue Regeneration to Facilitate                        

   Implant Placement”

-“Update Protocol of Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry”

-“Clinical Applications of BMP’s in Dental Implant Bone Grafting Procedures”

-“Appliance for Anterior Aesthetics to Preserve the Interdental Papillae.”

- “Establishing New Paradigms for Dental Implant Reconstruction with 3-D Imaging”

-“The Future of Implant Esthetics”


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